Robinette expands business focus to include Wisconsin and Indiana as primary markets!

We now stage equipment in proximity to key service areas to ensure rapid response and our ability to deliver!
Robinette Delivers...

Our award-winning safety program.
Robinette Delivers...

Our expertise in occupied spaces.
Robinette Delivers...

Our ability to wreck and preserve.
Robinette Delivers...

The speed with which we coordinate a project and deliver resources.
Client satisfaction...

"The best demo company I have ever worked with - You have made a friend for life!"
Client satisfaction...

"Great service, great management, great employees, and all on short notice!"
Robinette Delivers...

Our "No Excuses" attitude; we get the job done.
Robinette Delivers...

Our ability to recognize multiple project agendas and satisfy to solution.
Client satisfaction...

"Robinette did an excellent job.... I wish every subcontractor was as easy to work with!"

Robinette's New BROKK at work

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Robinette Equipment 

RDI maintains a large inventory of equipment which is available for immediate deployment. This allows us to respond rapidly to project changes or emergency situations. Robinette's project staff is trained on a recurring basis in the proper use of our equipment including all associated safety instructions.

Our internal maintenance department follows both pre-defined preventative and remedial maintenance. To meet your needs we make continual investments to ensure our equipment operates effectively in the field. Below you'll find few examples of equipment we maintain within our large inventory.

10 - Generators 5-175 kw

We maintain our own power generating units to provide electricity for our tools and equipment. These units are also used to provide backup power in emergency situations.
AirCompressor.jpg 12 - Air Compressors various sizes

We maintain a variety of air compressors to power our air driven tools and equipment at remote work sites.
48_W._801_SR_64_001.jpg 75 Unit - Rolling Stock Fleet

Rolling Stock Fleet includes:
  • service trucks and semis, lowboys, flat bed and roll off trailors
  • dump and roll off trailors
  • roll off and overseas containers
  • Shoring1.jpg Shoring/Shoring Beams (700+ tons)

    We stock more than 700 tons of verticle and horizontal support beams and shoring materials.