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We now stage equipment in proximity to key service areas to ensure rapid response and our ability to deliver!
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Our expertise in occupied spaces.
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Our ability to wreck and preserve.
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The speed with which we coordinate a project and deliver resources.
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Unstable structures are the result of fires, natural disasters and other unforeseen accidents. Robinette's Emergency Response Division has become a familiar name within the industry as a leader in emergency services. This division is an extraordinary resource when dealing with the urgency and detail work of emergency clean-up, evidence preservation, and cause & origin assistance.

We provide solutions that minimize liability. Our Emergency Response Teams are made up of experts determining the best way to take the emergency out of the scenario. We know how to assess the situation quickly and accurately, bringing every available resource with us to save time, money and insure that the job site is as safe as possible.

We utilize state of the art technology and maintain comprehensive communication during all phases of emergency management. We believe it is imperative that all people involved; both our experts and yours be in sync at all times.

Emergency situations always take first priority at RDI. We will maneuver every piece of our large equipment arsenal and, if necessary, provide separate crews to work around the clock. We draw on our relationships with strategic partners and authorities so there are no delays because of technicalities. We get the job done.

More specific examples of past projects are listed below. These examples are only a sample of what we are capable of and what this division can provide for you.

Tornado Recovery - Case Study 1
One of the nation's leading chemical production plants was severely damaged by an F1 tornado. The roof of a large building had collapsed on top of a large inventory of flammable and explosive materials. Working with plant management, engineers, and insurance representatives, RDI complied with strict guidelines to stabilize the structure, recover volatile inventory, and demolish the remaining structure.
Building Collapse - Case Study 2
A large masonry wall collapsed at a multi-story condo conversion project severely damaging the structure and threatening the existing tenants below. The collapse had occurred in an area which prevented access by heavy equipment. Working by hand the RDI crew quickly stabilized the structure, removed debris, and enclosed the structure.
Commercial Fire Cause & Origin Assistance - Case Study 3
A major fire at an auto body shop destroyed the facility and threatened the operation of nearby businesses. RDI worked in coordination with investigators to secure the site, remove debris, recover evidence, and to stabilize the remaining structure.
Condo Fire -Case Study 4
A sudden fire destroyed a three story condominium structure. On-site structural engineers called on RDI to implement a plan to stabilize and protect the surviving masonry elements of the structure. Working rapidly in conjunction with the engineers the assigned team successfully delivered a safe environment to begin building reconstruction.

Robinette Emergency Response Contact:
Pete Mitacek
Emergency Response Manager
(630) 833-7997